Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Solomon Islands

Australia and OceaniaSolomon IslandsThings To See in Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands contain all of Melanesia’s major attractions. Idyllic island landscape with beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking natural beauty in the form of forests, lagoons, and waterfalls. Underwater life is just as beautiful as it is above water for people who like diving. There is a plethora of wildlife to explore as well as wonderful, colorful cultural customs to see. Highlights include the beautiful and massive Lake Te’Nggano, which is strikingly flanked by towering cliffs that were previously the reefs that encircled this ancient lagoon. Langa Langa Lagoon in Auki is much more well-known. While its waters are brown rather than brilliant blue, life here is leisurely and serene, with people working on traditional handicrafts and classic canoes gliding across the river in silence. It’s also one of the locations where you can view the country’s famous manmade islands. Some date back to the 16th century, but new ones are being made all the time, utilizing stones and coral materials. Follow the somewhat difficult but lovely route to the boiling mud of the Reoka hot springs, or try a two-day trek to the summit of the volcano Kolombangara for experienced hikers. The route to the Mataniko Falls, with underground caves that served as a hide-out for Japanese troops during WWII, and the Tenaru Falls is easier but more picturesque. They’re both near to Honiara, the country’s capital, and the National Museum and Culture Center. East Rennell, located in the Rennell and Bellona region, is the world’s biggest elevated coral atoll and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.