Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Samoa

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Beach fales are a fun and affordable way to stay in Samoa. The Samoa Tourism Authority ([email protected]) has a list, but the best method to find out where to stay is to ask other visitors. Because Samoa is small and tourism is restricted, you will run into the same individuals from time to time, making it simple to share knowledge.

With the increase of housing, it is no longer essential for people wishing to visit the more distant areas of Samoa, especially Savaii, to stay in villages, which was formerly quite frequent. This is still a possibility. It is essential to remember not to insult local culture if you wish to remain in, or even simply visit, a village.

Samoa also has an excellent selection of resorts, hotels, and guest homes. In recent years, a significant number have been built.

Accommodations may be found in Apia, Upolu, and Savaii. Please do not include them in this list.