Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Do in Papua New Guinea

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Scuba Diving

Scuba dive with one of the more than a dozen local scuba diving companies. A excellent place to start is the national Scuba Diving industry organization. Papua New Guinea offers some of the finest tropical reef diving on the planet.


With over 700 kinds of birds, including numerous birds of paradise, this is a birding Mecca. Bring a good set of binoculars and ask a volunteer in the villages to assist you locate the birds. It was an incredible experience!


Trekking through the highlands, coastal plains, and rolling foothills of the Kokoda and other routes is another major attraction here. Every year, hundreds of hikers visit the Kokoda Track.


Festivals, such as The Sing-Sing performances at the yearly Goroka and Mt. Hagen events, are the most popular activities for visitors here. There are typically more than fifty ensembles present during these performances. The festivals are competitive, and the winning ensemble is awarded with invitations to perform at many restaurants and hotels the following year. The beauty and vibrancy of New Guinea’s festivals appeals to visitors while also benefiting the residents financially.


Fishing is getting more popular. Black marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, yellow fin, skipjack, and dogtooth tuna, and giant trevally are among the species. Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish), Mackerel, and Wahoo are also popular. The black bass, which is regarded to be the hardest fighting fish in the world pound for pound, is a very difficult fish to catch.


The term “flightseeing” should have been invented here. Flying around some of the isolated airstrips is an experience in and of itself if you can afford it. There are strips that seem to be impossibly short, strips that appear to finish with a mountain, strips where if you don’t take off in time, you’ll fall into a ravine, and airstrips that are bordered on three sides by water. You don’t have to travel far from Port Moresby to enjoy the experience. There are flights to communities along the Kokoda Trail and others in the Owen Stanley mountain range in Central Province, and you may fly a planned circuit or “milk run” in a single morning, but you must be at the airport by 05:00.