Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Papua New Guinea

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Spices are generally absent from the cuisine. A Mumu, a subterranean oven in which meat and vegetables such as Kaukau (sweet potatoes) are cooked, is a common method of cooking. Rice and another kind of carbohydrate are included in almost every meal.

There is typically a mix of this kind of cuisine with a more Westernised menu at the lodges where visitors stay.

There are local beer brands. Heineken owns the local beer, SP (short for South Pacific) Lager. Excessive alcohol intake, particularly of beer, is a serious societal issue. Beers and wines are often served warm owing to a lack of refrigeration in certain regions. Furthermore, although water quality varies from location to location (and in some instances from day to day), it is usually better to stick to bottled water, especially at higher-end hotels.