Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Palau

Australia and OceaniaPalauThings To See in Palau

Palau has all you might want in a South Pacific island state: beautiful tropical serenity. The majority of the tourist attractions are located on or around The Rock Islands or Chelbachebover. These 250 rock islands, many of which are small and deserted, provide some breathtaking vistas and are a UNESCO World Heritage site. They’re a quiet invitation to unwind and enjoy a taste of heaven. Drink a drink at one of the country’s pristine white sand beaches, kayak through the lovely uninhabited bays and lagoons, or do what most tourists do: dive under the surface to view the magnificent and unspoiled aquatic life. Blue Corner, Blue Hole, and the German Channel are all popular dives.

Head to Jellyfish Lake for an unforgettable snorkeling experience among the numerous and unusual stingless jellyfish. The jellyfish developed this distinct distinction from others in the adjacent lagoon due to their secluded position and lack of predators. Take a guided walk through ancient stone monoliths and terraces while your guide tells you about the stories that surround them. Even the capital, with a population of just over 21.000 people, may seem like a hamlet, yet there are a few fascinating sites and museums exhibiting traditional Palau culture and the country’s tumultuous wartime past. However, it is the sheer beauty of this tiny island country – both above and below water – that has tourists raving.