Friday, September 10, 2021

Things To Do in Palau

Australia and OceaniaPalauThings To Do in Palau

Palau is well known for its scuba diving. Blue Corner, one of the most renowned diving locations with continuous sharks and a strong current, is less than an hour’s boat trip from most resorts. Many live aboards, such as Ocean Hunter, operate from Palau. Tours of WWII battlegrounds are also available in Palau.

The diving locations of Blue Corner, German Channel, Ulong Channel, and Blue Holes are all spectacular. You may dive the same place many times and have very different experiences each time.

Palau is also well-known for its jellyfish lagoons. In the absence of predators, these lakes are home to jellyfish that have evolved to lose their stingers. There are many excursions that will take you to the jellyfish lake to snorkel. SCUBA diving is not allowed nor required in the jellyfish lake. Palau Jellyfish Lake is classified as a natural phenomenon and scientific mystery.

Expedition Fleet is the Philippines’ biggest privately owned live-aboard fleet. Their ships travel across the Philippines and Palau. Expedition Fleet is renowned for its skilled and competent Dive Masters, as well as its outstanding on-board service.

Splash, the diving shop connected to the Palau Pacific Resort, comes highly recommended. The rental equipment is of excellent quality and is either new or well maintained. The dive masters are also highly competent, responsible, and well-versed in the dive locations. Angelo at Splash comes highly recommended as a dive master, particularly if you haven’t dived in strong currents before. It should be mentioned that Splash operates a fairly big, broad diveboat with a capacity of 20+ divers.

Fish ‘n Fins is Palau’s first diving shop. From their headquarters in Koror, they now operate two live-aboard vessels as well as seven smaller (and quicker!) diving boats. The guides are well trained professionals who are eager to impart their vast knowledge of the ocean and its inhabitants. Nitrox EAN 32 is the same price as air for divers. Technical divers may also use gas mixes.

Sam’s Tours is another another dive company in Palau, providing diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and land tours. They offer several excellent guides that give educational and environmental information.