Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Palau

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Food in Palau

  • Almost everything. Palau has a significant community of people from Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, and the United States, and local businesses have developed to meet their requirements. So Koror provides an incredible variety of goods in its shops, although at a cost. Bentolunch boxes with a Japanese theme are extremely popular.
  • The Rock Island Cafe in Koror is a wonderful location to get some fast American fare. It’s on Koror Island, a bit west of the Court House.
  • Kramer’s – on the Malakal wharf It’s a little difficult to locate the first time, but the cuisine is excellent and the nightlife is usually fascinating.
  • Bem Ermii serves delicious burgers and milkshakes from a tiny trailer near the courthouse in downtown Koror.
  • Carp is an excellent medium-priced choice with large servings and well-prepared Japanese and local delicacies, such as coconut crab. It’s close to the pier that takes you to the Carp Island resort, next to the Palau Royal hotel.

Other notable Koror restaurants include the Taj, an outstanding Indian restaurant, Fuji, a moderately priced pseudo-Japanese restaurant, and Dragon Tai on the road into Koror.

Drinks in Palau

The beer is called Red Rooster. Despite its tiny size, Palau boasts a small brewery adjacent to the West Plaza by the Sea hotel (see below). It serves Amber, Stout, and three other beers. Abai Icein Koror is a tiny hut that serves fresh fruit smoothies, which are highly recommended.

There are many licensed businesses in Palau, ranging from quiet small pubs to “Japanese”-style karaoke clubs with bar ladies. Try Sam’s Diving Shop or High Tide (behind Neco dive shop) for a good cheap drink. The majority of shops sell alcohol. Public drinking is prohibited, and the local police will gladly bother you if you are found.