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Destinations in Palau

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Regions in Palau

the biggest island, with a population of about 6,000 people, as well as Babelthuap, Babelthwap, Babeldoub, Babeldaub, and others

the location of the biggest city of the same name

Rock Islands
Jellyfish Lake, a lake containing millions of jellyfish with relatively mild stingers where snorkelers may safely swim, is made up of almost 300 mainly deserted islets.

There are about 700 people living here, the majority of them reside in the hamlet of Kloulklubed.

A isolated southern outpost with approximately 200 residents, the location of a significant WWII naval action, and a reputed modern-day surfing destination.

Sonsorol Islands
Consisting of the states of Sonsorol and Hatohobei, these islands are home to approximately 100 people and are located far to the southwest of the rest of Palau.

Cities in Palau

  • Melekeok is the new capital (pop. 381) This is located on the island of Babeldaob and is a nice trip from Koror along the new Daewoo road. After crossing the bridge, the route to Melekeok is plainly marked.
  • Koror is the biggest city and previous capital of Koror. Koror is the only true concentration of stores, restaurants, and hotels in Palau. Many of the biggest diving operators have their headquarters here as well.

Other destinations in Palau

If you have your own maritime conveyance, such as an ocean-going boat, the South West islands of Palau are worth a visit. Sonsorol, Fana, Meriil, Hatohobei, and Helen Reef are all protected areas. If you visit Meriil, be sure to bring mosquito repellant since its native moniker is dancing island. You’ll find out why if you get there! If you want to visit any of these islands, it is a good idea to see the governors in their offices in Koror. If you’re fortunate, you may be able to take a journey on the Atoll Way, an island supply vessel. Sleeping on a rough wooden platform with other souls who are either returning to their home islands or the doctor from Peleliu island hospital who is making a regular visit to check on the islanders’ health.

How To Travel To Palau

By plane The only viable option is to fly. On Babeldaob, there is just one airport, Airai (ROR). Visitors may fly to Guam on United Airlines' daily flights ($600), which link to Japan and the United States, as well as straight to Manila, Philippines. Delta Air Lines began daily service to (ROR)...

How To Travel Around Palau

A taxi and a leased vehicle were used. There are many local taxis. If you hire a vehicle, plan on driving carefully on some rough roads. Palau has both left and right hand drive vehicles, which may create some difficulty. Please keep in mind that the facility beyond Ice...

Accommodation & Hotels in Palau

Budget Palau has a variety of guest house-style boutique lodging options. Some are near or inside Koror, while others are not. These may be booked internationally via diving shops that provide vacation packages (such as Sam's Tours). Prices start at $50 per night and go higher from there. Guest Lodge Motel (Free...

Things To See in Palau

Palau has all you might want in a South Pacific island state: beautiful tropical serenity. The majority of the tourist attractions are located on or around The Rock Islands or Chelbachebover. These 250 rock islands, many of which are small and deserted, provide some breathtaking vistas and are a...

Things To Do in Palau

Palau is well known for its scuba diving. Blue Corner, one of the most renowned diving locations with continuous sharks and a strong current, is less than an hour's boat trip from most resorts. Many live aboards, such as Ocean Hunter, operate from Palau. Tours of WWII battlegrounds are...

Money & Shopping in Palau

Palau's currency is the US dollar. Costs Prices are relatively expensive, as one would anticipate on an isolated island where tourism is the primary business, and even a low-end daily budget would be about US$100/day. Shopping Traditional wood carvings portraying Palauan tales and legends are known as Palauan storyboards.

Food & Drinks in Palau

Food in Palau Almost everything. Palau has a significant community of people from Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, and the United States, and local businesses have developed to meet their requirements. So Koror provides an incredible variety of goods in its shops, although at a cost. Bentolunch boxes with a Japanese...

History Of Palau

Early history Palau was first inhabited during the third and second millennia BC, most likely by people from the Philippines or Indonesia. Until the 12th century, the islands were home to a population of short-statured Negrito or Pygmy people. According to the language, the current people may have originated in the...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Palau

Stay Safe in Palau Palau is a relatively safe place to visit. Even after midnight, it is safe to walk about downtown Koror. But, like in every other part of the globe today, common sense wins. Pedestrians should exercise caution since sidewalks are few even in downtown Koror. Stay Healthy in...



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