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Accommodation & Hotels in Palau

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Palau has a variety of guest house-style boutique lodging options. Some are near or inside Koror, while others are not. These may be booked internationally via diving shops that provide vacation packages (such as Sam’s Tours). Prices start at $50 per night and go higher from there.

  • Guest Lodge Motel (Free airport transport. ), (680) 488-6320/21/22, fax: (680) 488-5616, e-mail: [email protected] If you simply need a place to sleep and unwind between days of outdoor activities, the Guest Lodge Motel is a pleasant and clean location to stay. Because the top level is unfinished, the building seems shabby from the outside. AC, refrigerator, Cable TV, 130 V and 230 V power outlets, shower/bath, towels, and other amenities are provided in the rooms.


In Palau, there are also a lot of excellent basic hotels.

  • Airai Water Paradise Hotel & Spa,  +680-587-3530. The hotel has three of Palau’s biggest features: the largest storyboard depicting Palau’s history, the largest water park with two water slides, and the largest olympic-sized swimming pool. There are standard accommodations, honeymoon suites, and freshly refurbished ocean view suites.
  • West Plaza by the Sea,  +680-488-2133. There are 36 accommodations with views of the ocean lagoon and surrounding islands. The rooms vary from basic class to deluxe suites with kitchenettes, as well as a penthouse suite on the roof deck with a big private veranda, whirpool bath, kitchenette, and lots of living space. The Red Rooster Cafe is also located in West Plaza By the Sea. The café serves a broad variety of Japanese cuisine and is open for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Red Rooster Draft, Palau’s sole locally produced beer, is available on tap during the evening happy hour.
  • West Plaza Desekel,  +680-488-2133. It’s close to museums, restaurants, and banking. The West Plaza Desekel has 30 rooms ranging from premium to basic. The Deskel Market, located on the ground level of the hotel, is a full-service grocery shop with ice cold drinks, fresh local and international vegetables, and a wide selection of Western and Asian cuisine.
  • The Caroline’s Resort,  +680-488-3754. This lovely alternative, located a few minutes outside of downtown Koror, provides lodging in various bungalows hidden in the hills amid the forest. The bungalows are well-equipped, with air conditioning, satellite TV, connected bathrooms, and bar fridges. Each unit also includes an outside terrace with views of the beach. Breakfast may be provided on your terrace, and guests have access to the Palau Pacific Resort’s facilities throughout the day, so you can enjoy the beach and pool.


On Palau, there are many moderately priced resorts, the majority of which cater to scuba divers.

  • Palau Pacific Resort. Is a world-class resort in Koror’s outskirts. PPR, as it is known locally, is extremely lovely (great beach, fantastic restaurant, vaulted ceilings), however it is also very far from Koror (10-15 minute drive). Most nights, they operate an hourly shuttle into Koror, or you can take a taxi for approximately $5 each way.
  • Palau Royal Resort. One of Palau’s newest hotels, catered mostly to Japanese visitors. Conveniently situated in Malakal, just a few minutes’ walk from Sam’s Dive Shop and Neco Marine.

How To Travel To Palau

By plane The only viable option is to fly. On Babeldaob, there is just one airport, Airai (ROR). Visitors may fly to Guam on United Airlines' daily flights ($600), which link to Japan and the United States, as well as straight to Manila, Philippines. Delta Air Lines began daily service to (ROR)...

How To Travel Around Palau

A taxi and a leased vehicle were used. There are many local taxis. If you hire a vehicle, plan on driving carefully on some rough roads. Palau has both left and right hand drive vehicles, which may create some difficulty. Please keep in mind that the facility beyond Ice...

Destinations in Palau

Regions in Palau Babeldaob(Melekeok)the biggest island, with a population of about 6,000 people, as well as Babelthuap, Babelthwap, Babeldoub, Babeldaub, and others Kororthe location of the biggest city of the same name Rock IslandsJellyfish Lake, a lake containing millions of jellyfish with relatively mild stingers where snorkelers may safely swim, is made...

Things To See in Palau

Palau has all you might want in a South Pacific island state: beautiful tropical serenity. The majority of the tourist attractions are located on or around The Rock Islands or Chelbachebover. These 250 rock islands, many of which are small and deserted, provide some breathtaking vistas and are a...

Things To Do in Palau

Palau is well known for its scuba diving. Blue Corner, one of the most renowned diving locations with continuous sharks and a strong current, is less than an hour's boat trip from most resorts. Many live aboards, such as Ocean Hunter, operate from Palau. Tours of WWII battlegrounds are...

Money & Shopping in Palau

Palau's currency is the US dollar. Costs Prices are relatively expensive, as one would anticipate on an isolated island where tourism is the primary business, and even a low-end daily budget would be about US$100/day. Shopping Traditional wood carvings portraying Palauan tales and legends are known as Palauan storyboards.

Food & Drinks in Palau

Food in Palau Almost everything. Palau has a significant community of people from Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, and the United States, and local businesses have developed to meet their requirements. So Koror provides an incredible variety of goods in its shops, although at a cost. Bentolunch boxes with a Japanese...

History Of Palau

Early history Palau was first inhabited during the third and second millennia BC, most likely by people from the Philippines or Indonesia. Until the 12th century, the islands were home to a population of short-statured Negrito or Pygmy people. According to the language, the current people may have originated in the...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Palau

Stay Safe in Palau Palau is a relatively safe place to visit. Even after midnight, it is safe to walk about downtown Koror. But, like in every other part of the globe today, common sense wins. Pedestrians should exercise caution since sidewalks are few even in downtown Koror. Stay Healthy in...



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