Friday, September 10, 2021

Things To Know Before Traveling To Nauru

Australia and OceaniaNauruThings To Know Before Traveling To Nauru


Nauruan, a Pacific Island language, is the official language. However, about half of the island’s population speaks Nauruan fluently, and English is widely understood, spoken, and utilized for most government and commercial reasons.


Nauru is a Christian nation, therefore Christian ideals and standards of behavior apply.

  • Importing pornographic material is prohibited, and the government also restricts access to Internet porn.
  • Male LGBT visitors should be informed that male homosexual activities are prohibited in Nauru and are punished by 3-14 years in prison (though the law is not always enforced). Some people in Nauru may be offended by open displays of love between same-sex couples.
  • Drug and narcotics trafficking of any sort shall be severely penalized.
  • There is one location on the island where photographs are not permitted: the Australian “procession facility for illegal immigrants.”

Festivals & Events

These are the most significant events of the year:

  • Independence Day (31 Jan)
  • Easter (late March or early April)
  • Constitution Day (17 May)
  • Angam, the Day of the Return Home (26 Oct)
  • Christmas (25 Dec)