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Stay Safe & Healthy in Nauru

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Stay Safe in Nauru

Nauru is a tranquil island where crime of any sort is very uncommon. In an emergency, contact the emergency numbers (117 or 118) or proceed to the police station near the airport.

While earthquakes are not a danger in Nauru, it may be hit by tsunamis caused by earthquakes around the Ring of Fire, which surrounds the Pacific Ocean.

There is no record of a cyclone ever striking Nauru, and they are very uncommon exactly near the Equator. However, if you come during the rainy season, be prepared for severe rain and thunderstorms.

Swimming and surfing

Nauru, like many other Pacific islands, is bordered by a shallow reef with cut-outs allowing access for boats and harbours. There may be strong currents over the shallow sea, moving vessels in the harbours, and hazardous marine creatures on the coral bottom. Before diving into the sea, get guidance.

Stay Healthy in Nauru

Nauru’s water supply is reliant on rainwater collected in tanks from house roofs and an outdated reverse osmosis desalination facility. You should stay away from tap water.

Considering its small size and isolated location, Nauru has an adequate healthcare system. Aside from the widespread issue of obesity in the population, infant mortality and life expectancy rates are comparable to those of developed countries. Nauru General Hospital and RON Hospital are the two hospitals on the island, both situated in the Denigomodu area in the island’s west. If you have a more severe infection, you may need to be transported to Australia. Needless to mention, while visiting Nauru, it’s essential to have excellent travel insurance!

Tropical illnesses common in equatorial nations provide less of a danger in Nauru, but a hepatitis B vaccination is advised. However, there is a danger of dengue fever, so you should avoid mosquito bites.

You must provide evidence of yellow fever vaccination if you are from a country where yellow fever is prevalent or if you have visited such a country within the previous six days.

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