Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Travel Around Nauru

Australia and OceaniaNauruHow To Travel Around Nauru

Nauru has the distinction of being the world’s least touristed nation, with an average of 200 visitors each year. Crowds aren’t an issue at all. There is little public transit, so renting a car, scooter, or bike is your best option for getting about. Other options include walking (which is unpleasant in the tropical heat and humidity) or hitching, which is very popular on the island.

By public transport

During the day, a community bus goes around the island every hour or so. Locals also sometimes hang to the carriages of the freight train that runs between Aiwo and the interior mining region.

By car

Nauru is so tiny that driving around island takes less than one hour. The 19km Island Ring Road surrounds the island and is paved; however, most of the interior roads are not. Three of the twenty kilometers of road are severed by the airport runway. The island’s only traffic signals are utilized to halt traffic and enable the aircraft to cross the road to the terminal! This is a popular souvenir photograph taken by tourists.

Drivers should be on the alert for animals and people when driving on the beltway, since traffic travels on the left.

Capelle & Partners, the biggest local grocer, sometimes rents cars or bicycles. Otherwise, you may inquire at your hotel or just ask a local. To drive in Nauru, foreigners must have an international driver’s license. Also, keep in mind that gasoline shortages are not uncommon!