Friday, September 10, 2021

Culture Of Nauru

Angam Day, celebrated on October 26th, commemorates the recovery of the Nauruan people after the two World Wars and the 1920 influenza pandemic. The indigenous culture has been significantly displaced by colonial and modern Western influences. Few ancient traditions have survived, although certain kinds of traditional music, arts and crafts, and fishing continue to be practiced.


On Nauru, there are no daily news outlets, however there is one weekly newspaper, Mwinen Ko. Nauru Television (NTV) is a state-owned television station that transmits programs from New Zealand and Australia, while Radio Nauru is a state-owned non-commercial radio station that broadcasts programs from Radio Australia and the BBC.


Australian legislation Football is the most popular sport in Nauru, and it, along with weightlifting, is considered the national sport. There is an eight-team football league. Volleyball, netball, fishing, and tennis are all popular in Nauru. Nauru competes in both the Commonwealth Games and the Summer Olympics.

Rugby sevens has grown in popularity in the past two years to the point that it now has its own national team (Nauru national rugby union team.

Nauru took part in the Oceania Sevens Championship in New Zealand in 2015.