Saturday, September 18, 2021

Money & Shopping in Kiribati

Australia and OceaniaKiribatiMoney & Shopping in Kiribati

The official currency is the Australian dollar. Larger shops can only be found on Tarawa or Kiritimati.

South Tarawa

There are many local handicrafts to choose from. These are often produced by women’s organizations from the Gilbert group. The colorful shirts worn by the indigenous women known as Tibuta stand out. The Catholic Women’s Association offers weekly weaving and top-making courses.

ATMs may be found in Betio, Bairiki, and Bikenebeu. There is another one in the hospital. The airport also has a foreign exchange bureau. Kiribati is served by ANZ.

Except for the two hotels, most businesses will only take cash, since credit cards are seldom used.

Outer Gilbert Islands

On the Outer Islands, cash is the only currency accepted, and banking services are not accessible.

Kiritimati Island

Kiritimati Island has both an ATM and a bank. London is the location of the branch.

The majority of businesses and stores only take cash. Credit cards are seldom utilized.