Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things to see in Fiji

Australia and OceaniaFijiThings to see in Fiji

Fiji’s main attraction is its natural paradise of palm-fringed beaches, blue waters and lush inland hills. Photographing your tropical holiday like a postcard is a breeze when you’re on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Mamanuca Islands. The same goes for the Yasawas, where you can also dive for the dark limestone cave of Sawa-i-Lau. Explore the sand dunes of Sigatoka Valley, once used as a cemetery, or dive into the depths of Viti Levu to see Fiji’s wildlife in the beautiful jungle-covered Kulu Ecological Park. Join the crowds on virtually any island to dive and marvel at Fiji’s underwater beauty, or opt for a challenging hike along the ridges and through the dense rainforest of Bouma National Park on Taveuni. Tall jungle trees, a variety of colourful birds, waterfalls and volcanic peaks are just some of the island’s many attractions.

In short, the natural treasures alone are worth the trip, but this island nation also has many cultural attractions to offer. On Nadi is the magnificent Sleeping Giant’s Garden, once owned by the famous actor Raymond Burr, who lived there. It contains over 20 hectares of orchids native to Fiji, many cultivated and exotic plants and a beautiful water lily pond. Take a trip to one of the many villages to participate in a kava ceremony or see one of the many other cultural traditions that still exist. The village of Navala (on Viti Levu) still retains its traditional ridges, making it an excellent choice. For a deeper insight into the country’s history and culture, the Fiji Museum in Suva is a good addition to your trip.


  • Rugby is the national sport and even in the poorest villages, children can be seen playing rugby outdoors on any available field, using plastic bottles or similar as a substitute if they cannot afford a real rugby ball. ANZ Stadium in Suva is Fiji’s national stadium, and the Fijian national team usually performs a traditional war dance called Cibi before every Test match. Fiji competes in the Pacific Nations Cup with neighbouring Tonga and Samoa and regularly sends teams to the Rugby World Cup, twice reaching the quarter-finals. As well as the traditional 15-a-side game, Fiji regularly competes in Rugby Sevens, where it is currently the most dominant team in the world. It was the most successful team in the Hong Kong Sevens tournament and the gold medallist in the first Rugby Sevens tournament at the Olympic Games.