Saturday, September 18, 2021

Internet & Communications in Fiji

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Public phones are plentiful and generally easy to find (look around the shops). All phones are prepaid – you must first buy a scratch code card (F$5, F$10 or more nominal). To make a call, call the card-issuing office, enter the code (which is on the card) and the destination number. Calls from abroad to Europe cost about F$1 per minute.

Some mobile phone companies operate on the island (Vodafone, Digicel). A sim card is cheap, but you need to register your sim card to keep it active and to have access to data. Buying a sim card gives you access to cheap data sets for easy access to the internet using your phone as an access point. It is much cheaper than resort Wi-Fi and the speed is reasonable with connections in tourist areas. At the time of writing (July 2013) these were the prices for Vodafone data packages :

  • 200 MB (valid for 24 hours): 1.49 FJD
  • 500 MB (valid for one week): 4.99 FJD
  • 2000 MB (1 month validity): 25 FJD
  • 4000 Mb (1 month validity): 45 FJD