Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel To Yemen

AsiaYemenHow To Travel To Yemen

By plane

Emirates Airlines operates daily flights from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Sana’a. Yemen is one hour behind UAE time, thus the trip takes little longer than two hours. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, budget carrier Air Arabia flies from Sharjah (near Dubai) to Sana’a. Yemenia, the national carrier, travels to Sana’a from several Middle Eastern and European cities, including a daily nonstop flight from Cairo. Lufthansa operates three weekly flights from Frankfurt, with a stop in Cairo. The flight time from Cairo to Sana’a is about 3 hours, plus a 1-hour time difference. Turkish Airlines operates four weekly flights from Istanbul to Sana’a. Qatar Air operates daily flights to and from Doha. Royal Jordanian also operates twice-weekly flights from Amman to Sana’a and Aden. Syrian airlines fly to Sana’a as well. Due to the terrorism danger in Yemen, flights to London have been stopped until further notice from January 15, 2010.

By car

It is feasible to drive over the Omani-Yemeni border, but the border checkpoints are often difficult to navigate. Crossing from Saudi Arabia with a vehicle is much more difficult, since the rules for bringing a car into Saudi are very complicated.

By bus

Some buses that go throughout the Arabian Peninsula link to Yemen. The buses are generally air-conditioned and pleasant, but the fleet sometimes includes older buses that may not be particularly comfortable to ride for many hours. It’s worth noting that traveling from Oman may be challenging, particularly if you’re attempting to go to Sana’a. There are buses from Salalah to Sayu’n in Wadi Hadramawt and Mukallah on the Indian Ocean, however visitors (particularly those from non-Arab nations) are not permitted to utilize public transportation on routes connecting Yemen’s east and west: Mukallah – Aden and Say’un – Sana’a. To get from the west to the east of the nation, the visitor must board an aircraft.