Friday, September 10, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Yemen

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Outside of the capital and the main cities (Sana’a, Aden, and al-Mukalla), lodging is often simple and of the mattress-on-the-floor type, with communal bathing facilities and WCs. Most bigger communities will have at least one funduq that offers this kind of lodging. The [Moniker of Village] Tourist Hotel is a common name for these establishments. Keep in mind that power supply may be inconsistent, thus hot water cannot always be relied on.

Funduq lodging is not graded on a star system as in other nations, but on a Yemeni “sheet” scale, with “no-sheet” being the most basic and “two-sheet” being the most luxurious. Other hotels, mainly in Sana’a, use a star rating system, most notably the Movenpick, Sheraton, and Hilton. This does not imply that in a “no-sheet” funduq, one will not get a sheet, but in certain cases, bringing one may be beneficial! Most funduqs will provide food, almost always local cuisine, and the better ones will do so in a diwan-style area where you may dine while lounging on cushions. In certain funduqs, supper is followed by a “party” with traditional music and jambiya dance performances, occasionally with audience involvement.