Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Vietnam

AsiaVietnamAccommodation & Hotels in Vietnam

Accommodation is not a problem in Vietnam, even if you are travelling on a tight budget. Accommodation in Vietnam ranges from dormitory accommodation for $6 a night in youth hostels to world-class resorts in both major cities and popular coastal and rural destinations. Even hostels and cheap hotels are much cleaner and more pleasant than in neighbouring countries (Cambodia, Thailand, Laos), and the cheap hotels that charge between $8 and $10 for a double room are often very clean and equipped with towels, clean white bed linen, soap, disposable toothbrushes, etc.

The service in many very cheap hotels is quite good (as the price you pay per night could be equivalent to a Vietnamese person’s weekly salary), although daily cleaning and modern facilities such as TVs are not always available. In hotels that cost a few dollars more (12 USD per room from the date of arrival, more in Hanoi), you can expect a private bathroom, telephone, air conditioning and TV. As in other hotels around the world, the mini-fridges in Vietnamese hotels are often stocked with drinks and snacks, but these can be terribly expensive and it would be best to buy these items on the street. Adequate sanitary facilities can be a problem in some hotels, but standards are constantly being improved.

All hotels are required by law to register the details of foreign guests with the local police. Therefore, they will always ask for your passport at check-in. The procedure usually takes only a few minutes, after which you will get your passport back. However, as non-payment by guests is not unheard of, some hotels keep the passports until check-out. If you find a suspicious place, ask to be checked in while you wait and then take your passport with you. Few people have had problems with this as it is routine throughout the country. It can be helpful to bring a couple of photocopies of your passport (personal data page and visa) to hand in at the hotel.