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Destinations in Uzbekistan

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Regions in Uzbekistan

Ferghana Valley
The most rich and populated region of the nation, but also the most volatile, with ethnic groups such as Uzbek and Kyrgyz having disagreements.

Northern Uzbekistan
Geographically dominated by the apparently endless red sands of the Kyzylkum Desert, and politically controlled by Qaraqalpaqstan, the large independent republic of the Qaraqalpaqs, Uzbekistan’s North is best known in tourist circles for the historic Silk Road city of Khiva, as well as the fading Aral Sea.

Samarkand through Bukhara
The journey through the Zeravshan River valley through Central Asia’s most significant ancient towns of Samarkand and Bukhara, densely inhabited mostly by ethnic Tajiks, is really the core of the Silk Road.

Southern Uzbekistan
Tajiks predominate in the country’s one hilly region, where Uzbekistan meets the formidable Pamir Mountains.

Tashkent Region
The political and economic heart of the nation, centered in Tashkent, the capital.

Cities in Uzbekistan

  • Tashkent is the contemporary capital and biggest city in Uzbekistan.
  • Andijan is the fourth biggest city in Uzbekistan, located in the middle of the lively yet volatile Ferghana Valley.
  • Bukhara is a 2,500-year-old famous Silk Road city whose historical core is a UNESCO World Heritage site packed with outstanding examples of colossal, medieval Islamic, and Central Asian architecture.
  • Khiva is the location of the Itchan Kala.
  • Namangan is the third biggest settlement in the Ferghana Valley, located on the northern border of the valley.
  • Nukus, the capital of Qaraqalpaqstan on the Amu Darya, is home to the Savitsky Gallery’s avant-garde art collection and is surrounded by an area ravaged by the environmental deterioration caused by the drying of the Aral Sea.
  • Samarkand – the country’s second biggest city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and home to the most renowned Silk Road landmark of them, the Registan.
  • Shakhrisabz is a tiny city whose historical core is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its magnificent Timurid Dynasty structures.
  • Termez — the southernmost city on the Afghan border, called by Alexander the Great’s troops for the high temperatures they encountered