Weather & Climate in United Arab Emirates

AsiaUnited Arab EmiratesWeather & Climate in United Arab Emirates

The country is exceptionally dry, with rainfall on only a few days a year. Nevertheless, the Emiratis use water in alarming proportions: in the large public parks, for example, there are wide swaths of grass, and in the resorts or other public places, landscaping can be extensive. Most of this water comes from desalination. Visitors do not pay for their water consumption.

The weather from late October to mid-March is quite pleasant, with temperatures ranging from highs of around 27°C (85°F) to lows of around 15°C (63°F). It is almost always sunny. Between November and February it can rain, and when it does rain, traffic can be dangerous. In summer, temperatures soar and humidity is almost unbearable – it is generally believed that the officially stated temperatures are “optimised” to cut off the true summer highs, which can be over 50°C (120°F).

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