Friday, September 10, 2021

Internet & Communications in United Arab Emirates

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By phone

The country code is 971. The mobile phone network uses GSM technology (as in Europe and Africa) and is widely used. The dialling format is as follows: +971-#-### ####, where the first “#” indicates the area code. The main area codes are Dubai (4), Sharjah (6) and Abu Dhabi (2). Calls to mobile phones use the operator’s area codes: (50/56) for Etisalat and (55) for Du. As in other countries, local dialling uses ’00’ for an international number (followed by the country code) and ‘0’ for a national number (followed by the area code).

Via the internet

Cybercafés are quite common in big cities, and web censorship is sometimes strange but rarely embarrassing. All websites under the Israeli domain .il are blocked. Not much is known about how to get around this blockade for people who need to visit Israeli websites. Instant messaging and VoIP services like Skype sometimes work. The state-owned telecommunications operator blocks access to these services to varying degrees. The blocking does not always stop calls and can vary depending on the network used. It also seems to be able to block Skypeout calls while allowing Skype-Skype calls. Even if services are not blocked, connection speed can be a problem. Most people use a VPN service to bypass local internet restrictions.

Etisalat and Du both offer USB internet connections.