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Visa & Passport Requirements for Turkmenistan

AsiaTurkmenistanVisa & Passport Requirements for Turkmenistan

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To enter Turkmenistan, all nationalities must get a visa. A temporary transit visa may be acquired for independent travel, however obtaining a complete visa may be challenging. The majority of border guards are youthful conscripts, and a modest bribe may let you get through the border and obstacles.

Arranging a trip will make things much simpler since the business can assist with obtaining the Letter of Invitation and visa. Keep in mind that regardless of how you enter Turkmenistan, you may need to be greeted by a guide. This is especially essential if your inbound trip is delayed, as is probable while crossing the Caspian Sea by boat.

When you enter Turkmenistan, your luggage is typically scanned using an X-ray machine. You must complete a green Entry Travel Pass, an immigration card, and a customs statement. List all of your valuables in the customs declaration, make sure it is stamped, and save a duplicate with you. When you leave the nation, you will be required to present it again.


Vaccinations against diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, measles, mumps, polio, rubella, tetanus, typhoid, and chickenpox are recommended by the World Health Organization (varicella). Long-term travelers should also get vaccines against meningitis, rabies, and TB.


It is highly advised that you apply for a Turkmen visa before visiting Turkmenistan. According to reports, travelers seeking for visas at Ashgabat airport have been held at the airport’s transit area for many days owing to missing papers.


All international visitors to Turkmenistan must pay a registration fee of US$ 12 (2012) and obtain a green entrance and exit card. Keep a close eye on the departure card, since it must be provided while leaving the country.

Foreigners staying in Turkmenistan for more than three days must register with IVOR in Ashgabat, Asady köcesi, phone 391337, or at IVOR branch offices in other cities. Even if you are staying in a hotel, you are responsible for registration. The hotel will only provide you with a confirmation of your reservation. This confirmation, as well as the receipt for the registration money paid upon entering the country, must be shown to IVOR. There are two pictures needed. Your passport will be stamped with the date of registration. To be allowed to leave the nation, you must first notify the IVOR. This notification will also be imprinted in the passport. Border agents will examine your passport to see whether you have registration and notice to depart stamps.

Travel permits

Many border areas need travel permits. Ashgabat, Merv, Turkmenabat, and Balkanabat do not need a visa. Transit visas enable you to travel along major highways on your route to the next nation on your schedule. However, a travel permit is definitely required for the following regions: Western Turkmenistan: Bekdash, Turkmenbashi, Haza, Dekistan, Yangykala, Gyzletrek, Nokhur, and surroundings; Northern Turkmenistan: the entire Dashogus region, including Konye Urgench, Dargan-Ata, and Gazachak; Eastern Turkmenistan: Farab, Atamurat (Kerki), and surroundings; Tagtabazar, and Serkhetabat.

How To Travel To Turkmenistan

By plane Turkmenistan Airlines flies nonstop to Ashgabat from Abu Dhabi, Almaty, Amritsar, Bangkok, Beijing, Birmingham, Delhi, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kiev, London, Minsk, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg. At the front of the cabin, look for a picture of Sapamurat 'Turkmenbashi' Niyazov. The timetables are often inconvenient, and there is no...

How To Travel Around Turkmenistan

By plane Internal flights are available by Turkmenistan Airlines, which operates daily flights between Ashgabat, Mary, Turkmenbashi, Dashoguz, and a few more cities. Flights are subsidized and very inexpensive owing to fuel prices. A flight from Ashgabat to Mary or Dashoguz costs about $5 USD. Turkmenistan Airlines has a new...

Destinations in Turkmenistan

Regions in Turkmenistan While the provinces are a useful method to divide vast Turkmenistan into regional travel regions, keep in mind that one geographical region dominates them all—the harsh desert wasteland known as the Karakum. Ahal ProvinceThe country's center area, which includes the capital. Balkan ProvinceThe western province of the Caspian Basin. Dashoguz...

Things to do in Turkmenistan

Horse trekking with Akhal Teke horses: Orexca offers a 12 day Turkem Akhalteke Horse Ride Wonders of the Karakum Desert package that includes transportation from Ashgabar to Geokdepe Stud Farm, a ride through the North East of the Karakum Desert to Tummekli, nomadic villages of Chyria, Gurrukly, Hakysh Gongurajy, Orazsahet, and the...

Food & Drinks in Turkmenistan

Food in Turkmenistan Restaurants will provide distinctively mediocre Russian food. Plov and other Central Asian cuisine may be available at marketplaces, as in Uzbekistan. If you can locate it, try Caspian Sea sturgeon, which is occasionally cooked in a 'tempura' manner. Meals often begin with a soup, such as chorba, a...

Money & Shopping in Turkmenistan

Costs Turkmenistan is Central Asia's most costly nation. A simple double room will cost you USD30. Around USD60 is a more comfortable choice. A street snack costs between $1 and $3. A decent dinner at an Ashgabat restaurant costs about USD20. Currency Turkmenistan's national currency is the new manat (TMT) = 100...

Festivals & Holidays in Turkmenistan

Public holidays in Turkmenistan are divided into three categories: (a) holidays commemorating historical events (the defense of the Geok Teppe fortress in 1881, World War II in 1941-45) and landmarks since Turkmenistan's independence in 1991 (Independence Day, Neutrality Day, State Flag Day, Day of Revival and Unity); (b) traditional...

Language & Phrasebook in Turkmenistan

Turkmen is spoken by about 70% of the population of Turkmenistan, while Russian is spoken by 50%. If you are unable to converse in Turkmen, Russian is your best option. Everyone does not have the time, resources, or money to study Turkmen. However, acquiring basic Turkmen is recommended out...

Culture Of Turkmenistan

Mass media Turkmenistan publishes a variety of newspapers and monthly publications. Turkmenistan presently transmits seven national television stations via satellite. Altyn asyr, Yashlyk, Miras, Turkmenistan (in seven languages), Turkmen owazy, Turkmen sportive, and Ashgabat are among them. There are no commercial or private television channels in the country. State-controlled publications...

History Of Turkmenistan

Turkic-speaking Oghuz tribes migrated from Mongolia into present-day Central Asia around the eighth century AD. These Oghuz formed the ethnic foundation of the current Turkmen people as part of a strong confederation of tribes. The term "Turkmen" was originally given to Oghuz tribes that embraced Islam and started to...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Turkmenistan

Stay Safe in Turkmenistan Turkmenistan is a safe and welcoming nation as long as visitors avoid political discussions. Politics is still a highly delicate subject, and it is your duty to avoid becoming involved in or speaking out against the government, since doing so is a felony. Do not, under...



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