Friday, September 10, 2021

Things to do in Turkmenistan

AsiaTurkmenistanThings to do in Turkmenistan
  • Horse trekking with Akhal Teke horses: Orexca offers a 12 day Turkem Akhalteke Horse Ride Wonders of the Karakum Desert package that includes transportation from Ashgabar to Geokdepe Stud Farm, a ride through the North East of the Karakum Desert to Tummekli, nomadic villages of Chyria, Gurrukly, Hakysh Gongurajy, Orazsahet, and the Geokdepe Reservoir.
  • Hiking at the Kugitang Nature Reserve (travel permission needed) or in the Nokhur Mountains.
  • Adventure tour and camel trek in the Kara Kum Desert. Stantours provides a 14-day off-road and camel tour of Eastern Turkmenistan that includes a drive from Ashgabat to the Yangykala Canyon, a visit to Gozel Ata, camel treks in the Eastern Karabogaz basin and Kaplankyr National Park, and visits to Karashor Salt Lake, Sarakamysh Lake, and Yabgysu Canyon.