Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Travel Around Tajikistan

AsiaTajikistanHow To Travel Around Tajikistan

By minivan / shared taxi

There are scheduled minivans connecting large cities, but otherwise, renting a car or sharing one with other people is the only method to travel throughout the nation. Prices are usually quoted per person, not per vehicle, and are split by the number of passengers.

SUVs may be rented and depart from Khujand’s huge minibus station, which is situated just outside the city. Prices are flexible, but should be in the USD60-$100 area per person. Ascertain if the car is suitable for long-distance travel, and check the spare tire.

By plane

Because the nation is divided into numerous remote regions by mountain passes that shut in the winter, travel during this season is limited to air only, if the aircraft are flying. Tajik Air and Somon Air provide numerous daily flights to Khojand (travel time varies between 35 and 70 minutes depending on the aircraft) and Khorog, a thrilling descent over Himalayan peaks. If it’s windy, this flight won’t take off. Ticket sellers in Dushanbe’s Green Market can give an accurate approximation of their schedule. Make it a point to arrive early for your journey. Passports and visas will also be checked on domestic flights, so carry them.