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Food & Drinks in Tajikistan

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Food in Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s cuisine is a mix of Central Asian, Afghan, and Pakistani cuisines, with a touch of Russian influence. If you like Russian cuisine, you will most likely have a pleasant gastronomic experience. If you find Russian cuisine dull, you may struggle here.

  • Plov- Rice, meat or mutton, and carrots are used to make the national meal. All cooked combined in a special qazan (a wok-shaped pot) over an open flame in vegetable oil or mutton fat. The meat is diced, the carrots are finely cut into long strips, and the fried carrots and oil color the rice yellow or orange. The meal is served communally on a single big platter in the middle of the table. In Tajikistan, plov is often referred to as “osh.”
  • Qurutob is a traditional meal that is still eaten with hands from a communal plate. Before serving, the dish is topped with fried onions and other fried vegetables. There is no meat in this dish. Qurotob is regarded as the national dish.
  • Laghman- a pasta soup with veggies and either lamb or beef Try the stir-fried Uyghur variations offered at many Dushanbe eateries.
  • Sambusa- (baked pastries)
  • Shashlik (shish-kebab)- charcoal-grilled fish, liver, chicken, mutton, and cattle.
  • Soup with Tushbera- (like ravioli, or pasta with meat in it)
  • Soup Ugro- (handmade spaghetti soup served with cheese cream and basilic)
  • Jiz-biz-style (fired freshcut lamb or mutton on its own juice)
  • Dolma- (steamed rolls with grape leafs and meat inside, served with sour cream and red pepper)
  • Mantu -(steamed beef dumplings served with sour cream and fried onions)
  • Shurbo- (fresh vegetable soup with lamb or beef, garnished with green onion and basil)
  • There are many different kinds of bread, such as chappoti, kulcha, nan, fatir, qalama, and so on.
  • Damlama- (like English stew, steamed lamb or beef with vegetables in its own juice)
  • Khash- (soup made from sheep’s legs, limbs, joints, and tendons)
  • Melons and watermelons are very popular among locals and may be found at relatively low prices in local markets.

Take caution while eating street food, and DO NOT consume unclean veggies or fruits. It is preferable to soak them in distilled water and fully cook them.

Now, things are different. Tajikistan’s national cuisine, such as Shurbo, Oshi Palov, Mantu, Sambusa, and others, is growing increasingly popular.

Drinks in Tajikistan

  • Green tea – Tajiks often drink unsweetened (or sweetened) green tea throughout the day. As a result, it is the national beverage of the country.
  • Compote – A fruit punch that has been distilled.