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Destinations in Tajikistan

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Regions in Tajikistan

Ferghana Valley
Central Asia’s infamously turbulent, yet intriguing and culturally dynamic area encompasses three nations in one of the world’s most complicated political and geographical jumbles.

Tajikistan’s core, including the capital, Dushanbe.

Tajikistan’s varied southwestern region, and the epicenter of the uprising that sparked the country’s catastrophic post-Soviet civil war.

One of the world’s highest mountain ranges, featuring towering vistas, hiking, climbing, and a breathtaking journey along the Pamir Highway.

Beautiful valleys surrounded by the magnificent Fann Mountains, as well as old ruins near Panjakent.

Cities in Tajikistan

  • Dushanbe is the capital and by far the biggest city.
  • Isfara is a historic Silk Road village in the Ferghana Valley near the Kyrgyzstan border.
  • Istaravshan is an ancient city renowned for its magnificent Abdullatif Madrassah and Mosque.
  • Khorugh is the biggest city in the Pamirs and the entrance to them.
  • Khujand is the capital of Tajikistan’s Ferghana Valley region, as well as the country’s second biggest city.
  • Konibodom is located in the middle of the Ferghana Valley, near the Uzbek border.
  • Kulob is the third biggest city in the nation.
  • Qurghonteppa — Khatlon’s biggest city and the political epicenter of Tajikistan’s previous civil war.
  • Tursunzoda is a settlement west of Dushanbe on the road and train to Uzbekistan.

Other destinations in Tajikistan

  • The Pamir Mountains, with passes ranging from 3200 to 4500 meters, and Lake Karakol
  • Penjikent, a border village 70 kilometers from Samarkand, Uzbekistan, containing historic city remains.
  • The Zeravshan valley, which includes the Fan Mountains, is a popular hiking and climbing destination in Central Asia.