Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Tajikistan

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There are just a few major hotels in Dushanbe. The Hyatt Regency was newly constructed and opened its doors in March 2009. Another large hotel is the “Tajikistan” (recently refurbished), which is situated in the city center. Most are from the post-Soviet period and are overpriced and in bad shape. There are a handful of recently constructed hotels that provide western-style lodging for between $US70 and $US220 each room.

MSDSP guesthouses

The Aga Khan Development Support Programme for Mountain Societies maintains a network of guesthouses in locations like Kalaikhum and Khorog that provide a high quality of lodging. Full board is about USD40 per person.

Formal homestays

The French NGO ACTED is developing a network of homestays in the Pamir region, particularly in the Murghab area. A decent bed in a family household costs approximately USD10 per person each night. The amenities are simple, with no running water and an outdoor toilet, but visitors can anticipate pleasant, clean rooms, excellent local cuisine, and a friendly welcome.

Independent guesthouses.

There are a small but increasing number of independent guesthouses in Dushanbe, Khorog, and Murghab. These are comparable in terms of quality and cost to the ACTED homestays.