Friday, September 10, 2021

Things to do in Taiwan

AsiaTaiwanThings to do in Taiwan
  • Spring Scream (春天吶喊) – Every year, Kenting hosts a three-day outdoor rock event. It will be held on April 1-4, 2011. All-day, all-venue tickets are $1,400; single-day, single-venue tickets are $650. For three days, Kenting’s whole region is besieged by young people who have come to party, and Taiwanese TV extensively focuses on the newest bikini styles observed on the site. However, due to the festival’s reputation for being riddled with illicit substances, expect a heavy police presence.
  • Buddha’s Birthday (佛祖誕辰) – Buddhist monasteries have colorful but modest rituals that usually consist of washing a statue of the Buddha and a vegetarian feast. It is customary to give gifts to the monks and nuns at this time, although it is not required. The eighth day of the fourth month according to the Lunar Calendar.
  • Dragon Boat Festival (龍舟賽) – A holiday commemorating the death of the Chinese patriotic poet Qu Yuan (born 340 BC), who killed himself in a river in sorrow over the looted state of Chu by a neighboring nation as a consequence of treachery by his own people. The event, which takes place on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month (19 June 2008), is celebrated with races of colorful dragon boats at different places throughout the island.
  • Cherry Blossom Season (櫻花季) – Every spring, in Yangmingshan.
  • Hot Springs (溫泉) – Taiwan’s position between an oceanic trench and a volcanic system makes it an excellent hot springs holiday destination. Throughout the country, there are numerous hot springs locations, including Beitou, Wulai, and Yangmingshan. The Japanese brought the practice of bathing in hot springs during the colonial era, and it has remained strongly ingrained in local culture to this day. It should be noted that etiquette usually demands customers to wash naked.