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Destinations in Taiwan

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Regions in Taiwan

Northern Taiwan(Hsinchu, Hsinchu County, Keelung, New Taipei, Taipei, Taoyuan, Yangmingshan National Park)
The island’s capital city, major airport, and technological center.

Central Taiwan(Changhua County, Miaoli County, Nantou County, Sun Moon Lakeand Taichung)
Beautiful mountains and lakes, as well as important national parks

Eastern Taiwan (Yilan County, Hualien, Hualien County, Taitung County, Taroko Gorge, Taitung)
The central highlands separate Hualien and Taitung from the rest of the island; this is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Southern Taiwan (Chiayi County, Kaohsiung, Pingtung County, Tainan and Yunlin County)
Taiwan’s tropics, with beaches and palm palms, and the country’s second biggest city

Outlying Islands (Kinmen and Matsu, just off the coast of mainland China’s FujianProvince, Penghu in the straits, Green Island and Orchid Island, east of Taiwan)
Small islands that are popular weekend getaways for residents.

Cities in Taiwan

  • Taipei (臺北 or 台北) is the capital of Taiwan and the country’s commercial and cultural hub. Taipei is home to Taipei 101, the world’s second highest building.
  • Hsinchu (新竹) is a hi-tech industrial hub and one of the world’s top producers of hi-tech components. Many high-tech businesses are located at Hsinchu Science Park.
  • Hualien (花蓮) is situated near Taroko Gorge and is regarded as one of Taiwan’s most attractive cities.
  • Jiufen (九份) – Jiufen Is a former gold mining town on China’s northeast coast that is now a famous tourist attraction.
  • Kaohsiung (高雄) is the island’s second-largest city. It boasts one of the busiest seaports in the world (the Port of Kaohsiung) and the island’s second-largest airport, Kaohsiung International Airport (IATA: KHH).
  • Keelung (基隆) is a northern transshipment hub, approximately a thirty-minute drive or a twenty-minute bicycle ride from downtown Taipei.
  • New Taipei (新北) is Taiwan’s most populated city. The region encompasses a significant portion of Taiwan’s northern coastline and surrounds the Taipei Basin.
  • Puli (埔里) is situated in the island’s geographic middle and provides as an excellent base for visiting the central highlands and Sun Moon Lake.
  • Tainan (臺南 or 台南) is Taiwan’s oldest city and served as the country’s capital during the imperial period. It is well-known for its historic structures.

Other destinations in Taiwan

People often see Taiwan as a tiny, congested island dominated by electronic manufacturers, and if you stay in Taipei or along the west coast, you may get that idea. However, the island also has towering mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous national parks, several of which include hot springs.

  • Alishan (阿里山) – foggy woods of gigantic cypresses and breathtaking sunrises in the island’s middle, accessible by a beautiful narrow-gauge railway.
  • Kenting National Park (墾丁國家公園) – Situated near the island’s farthest southern point, this park is renowned for its beaches and rich greenery.
  • Shei-pa National Park (雪霸國家公園) – a park encompassing mountains and rivers in Hsinchu County with excellent hiking routes
  • Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) – This lake, located at 762 m (2,500 ft) in the high mountains of Nantou County, is renowned for its beautiful dazzling blue water and scenic mountain background.
  • Taipingshan (太平山) – is a historic logging region that is also one of Taiwan’s most beautiful places. Yilan County is the location.
  • Taroko Gorge (太魯閣峽谷 Tàilǔgé)- is an amazing gorge situated off the east coast of Japan.
  • Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園) – Is a mountain range overlooking Taipei.
  • Yushan (Jade Mountain/玉山) – at 3,952 m (12,966 ft) is the tallest mountain in not just Taiwan, but the whole eastern two-thirds of East Asia, standing at 3,952 m (12,966 ft).
  • Lalashan (拉拉山) – In the native Atayal language, “Lala” means “beautiful.” Mt. Lala is one of Taiwan’s natural protected zones. There are divine trees that are 500-2800 years old, as well as the No. 5 divine tree, which is said to be even older than Confucius. Lalashan is well renowned for its peach trees, and peach season (July – August) is the most beautiful time to visit Taoyuan County’s Mt. Lala.