Friday, September 10, 2021

Visa & Passport Requirements for Syria

AsiaSyriaVisa & Passport Requirements for Syria
Visa restrictions
Entry will be refused to citizens of Israel and travellers with any evidence of having visited Israel (which includes stamps of Egyptian/Jordanian neighbouring land borders with Israel in addition to Israeli visas and entry stamps), any products with Hebrew labelling, etc. Passports are meticulously checked for Israeli stamps page-by-page at the border, so if you have an Israeli stamp, then you will need to get a new passport.

Most individual travelers need visas. These are in 6-month (single/multiple entry), 3-month (single), and 15-day (land borders only) options. Except for unaccompanied Moroccan women under the age of 40, citizens of Arab nations do not need a visa. Furthermore, Malaysians, Turks, and Iranians do not need visas.

Obtaining visas in advance is both costly and complicated. Even if they reside elsewhere, Americans must apply in advance at the Syrian embassy in Washington DC and pay USD131 or €100. Most other travelers, however, may get them anywhere, with Istanbul (Turkey) being a popular option since they are usually granted within one day for €20 (Canadian citizens) or €30 (EU nationals) (EU citizens). A “letter of reference” from your consulate indicating that there is “no objection” to your travel to Syria may be needed. The visa must include two stamps and a signature, otherwise it will be deemed invalid and you will be sent back at the border. The blue arrival form must be kept since it must be presented upon leaving.

According to official regulation, if your nation has a Syrian embassy or consulate, you should apply for your visa ahead of time. Most nationalities must apply for a Syrian visa in the country of their citizenship. A foreign person may also apply for a Syrian visa at a Syrian Consulate in a country other than their own provided they have a residence visa valid for at least 6 months in the country where they are applying. This rule has just a few exceptions. For most nationalities, it is easy to acquire a visa at the border.