Saturday, September 18, 2021

Weather & Climate in Saudi Arabia

AsiaSaudi ArabiaWeather & Climate in Saudi Arabia

People tend to think of Saudi Arabia as an area of hot desert with oil wells, and for most of the time in most of the country they would be absolutely right. Between May and September, most of the country (practically everywhere except the southwestern mountains) has temperatures averaging 42° C and frequently over 50° C in the shade. Especially in July and August, those who can flee the country and work slow down to a crawl. The coasts are only slightly tempered by the sea, which normally keeps temperatures below 38 ° C – but at the price of extreme humidity (85-100%), which many, especially at night, find even more unpleasant than the dry heat of the interior . Only the high mountain regions remain cool (er), with the summer holiday town of Taif rarely above 35 ° C and the mountain region of Asir is even cooler.

However, in winter it is surprisingly a different story. The daily highs in Riyadh in December average only 21 ° C, and temperatures can drop slightly below zero at night, which occasionally even leads to snow streaks in the southern mountains. Winter can also bring rain to all or most of the country, although in many years this is limited to one or two violent eruptions. For a large part of the country, the end of spring ( from April to May) is actually also a rainy season. In the south, however, this pattern is reversed, as most rain falls during the monsoon season in the Indian Ocean between May and October.