Saturday, September 18, 2021

Weather & Climate in Qatar

AsiaQatarWeather & Climate in Qatar
Daily highs (°C)21.923.627.632.638.541.041.941.339.335.429.524.0
Nightly lows (°C)12.113.416.720.825.327.729.429.026.422.718.413.9
Precipitation (mm)12.717.815.27.62.5000002.512.7

The climate in Qatar can be described as dry and unforgiving. In summer, which lasts from May to September, the days are characterised by intense and humid heat, averaging 35°C, but not unknown to peak at 50°C. In winter, October to April, the days are much more bearable at around 20-25°C, with a nice cool evening up to around 15°C. If the heat is to be avoided, the best months to visit would be December to January.

Rainfall and storms are extremely rare in Qatar and force the locals to fetch water from newly built desalination plants. However, violent sandstorms that encircle the peninsula are common in summer. These can be dangerous if they are not protected and will plunge the country into darkness when the hot sun over it is darkened. There may also be interruptions to transport and other services.