Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Do in Qatar

AsiaQatarThings To Do in Qatar
  • A good activity for tourists is simply to experience the country’s tradition. The traditional way of life of the Qataris was simple: Bedouin nomads roamed the desert with their camels, and fishermen searched the seabed for pearls to trade. Although these two ways of life have largely disappeared in the peninsula, the government has taken some steps to preserve their traditions for future generations.
  • Many tourism companies organise expeditions into the desert, both in 4×4 and on camel back. Some last only one day, while others can last up to a week, with hikers staying overnight in Bedouin tents. The one-day “dune destruction tours” simply consist of speeding across the endless desert dunes aboard a Land Cruiser.
  • The tradition of beads dates back to 2000 BC, when Mesopotamian records speak of shiny “fish eyes” imported from the Gulf region. As the industry went bankrupt after the discovery of oil, a big festival is held every year to celebrate this tradition. The Qatar Maritime Festival in Doha often includes a large sea expedition using various dhow dredgers to find oyster beds on the seabed. Other festival activities include a music show, a seal show, an expedition of sand sculptors and a water, light and sound show.
  • Many companies offer wreck diving for tourists, which can be arranged from Doha. Some of the most popular dive sites are the Old Club Reef and the New Club Reef, which are man-made and located just off Messaied, the Qapco Reef, the M.O. Shipwreck and the Al Sharque Shipwreck.
  • Other popular water sports include kite surfing, jet skiing, surfing and charter fishing trips.