Saturday, September 18, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in Qatar

AsiaQatarStay Safe & Healthy in Qatar

Stay safe in Qatar

The emergency number for police, ambulance or fire brigade is 999.

Qatar stands out clearly from the surrounding region, there is no war, no conflicts and hardly any crime.

Western women travelling alone are sometimes stared at by local men, along with other unwanted curiosity seekers. However, this is more of a nuisance than a threat, and Qatar officials deal harshly with any complaints of harassment. If you want to blend in better with the locals and attract fewer stares, you can buy a long black coat and headscarf worn by local women, called an abaya, at various places in Doha.

Driving on the roads is probably the biggest danger to your well-being. Although safer than most other Asian and Middle Eastern drivers, Qataris often ignore traffic rules and are intolerant of pedestrians trying to cross the road. Be safe when walking near or across major roads.

Dust storms and sandstorms are another major problem that often occur during the dry summer. These natural events can envelop the country in darkness and cause severe breathing problems. If a sandstorm approaches, seek shelter immediately or wear a face mask.

Stay healthy in Qatar

Drink lots of bottled water! No matter how much you drink, you should drink more. Also take proper precautions for the sun, including clothing that covers your skin and sunscreen.

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