Saturday, September 18, 2021

Internet & Communications in Qatar

AsiaQatarInternet & Communications in Qatar

By phone

If you are calling from abroad, the Qatar country code is 974. There is no city or area code. When you call abroad from Qatar, the international dialling code is usually 0. Qatari phone numbers now have eight digits. Previously it was seven, but this was changed by the government regulator in 2010. If you come across a number with only seven digits, you can still use it by repeating the first digit. For example, a phone number that used to start with “3” will now start with “33”.

Previously, Qtel, a state-owned company, had a monopoly on telecommunications in the country. Although this changed in 2006 when the Emir authorised the establishment of new companies, competition remains weak with only two major operators:

  • Ooredoo (formerly Qtel) – the prepaid starter package “Hala” costs 50 QR with 25 QR starting credit. International calls to most countries cost QR 0.66/minute. Coverage is generally better than Vodafone.
  • Vodafone Qatar – Prepaid sim packs start at QR 60 with a starting credit of QR 35. International calls to most countries cost QR 0.66/minute.

By mail

Qatar has a fairly efficient postal system, managed by Q-Post. There are dozens of post offices throughout Doha, as well as branches in many major cities. Sending a standard postcard to most Western countries costs 2.50 Qatari rupees. The price drops to 1 to 1.50 rupees for sending a postcard within the country itself or to most countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Sending parcels can be expensive as they are charged per kilogram and per distance. For a full list of rates and agency addresses, visit the Q-Post website.

Addresses on international letters and postcards should be formatted as:

Name of the beneficiary

House number and street name

City, postcode