Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Philippines

AsiaPhilippinesAccommodation & Hotels in Philippines
  • Tourist accommodation options include hotels, resorts, condotels, flats, motels, inns, bed-and-breakfasts and guesthouses.
  • Hotels and resorts are usually for the upmarket traveller, although prices – even for four-star facilities – are not very high compared to other international destinations. Condotels are furnished condominiums rented for long or short-term stays, apartamentos are set up for both short and long-term stays, and a guesthouse is usually simpler and less expensive.
  • There are considerable differences in the facilities offered. Cheaper accommodation often has only fans instead of air-conditioning and no private toilet or shower. Even if you get a private shower, it may not have hot water, but this is not a big problem in a hot country. As everywhere in Asia, bathtubs are rare in both private homes and upscale hotels.
  • Motels, inns and lodges also provide accommodation but have a reputation for being meeting places for illicit sex. A unit is usually a small room with an attached carport, hidden behind a high wall that ensures clandestine comings and goings. They can be distinguished by their hourly rates, while more reputable establishments usually have daily rates.