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Food & Drinks in Oman

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Food in Oman

The cuisine is mostly Arabic, Lebanese, Turkish, and Indian in origin. Many Omanis distinguish between “Arabic” and “Omani” cuisine, with the former referring to the common cuisines found across the Arabian Peninsula.

Omani cuisine is generally milder and comes in big quantities; entire fish is not unusual at lunchtime in certain local eateries (sticking to local food, it is quite easy to eat a substantial meal for less than OR2). Seafood is a popular meal in a nation with a long coastline, especially shark, which is surprisingly delicious. Traditional Omani cuisine is difficult to get by in eateries.

Omani sweets are well-known across the area, with “halwa” being the most popular. This is a hot, semi-solid substance that is consumed with a spoon and has a honey-like consistency. The flavor is reminiscent to Turkish Delight. Omani dates are among the finest in the world, and they can be found in almost every social setting and workplace.

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In the larger cities, particularly Muscat and Salalah, American fast food franchises like as KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King are easy to locate.

Pakistani Porotta is available in Khaboora. They resemble pappadams and are twice the size of Indian porottas. However, they have a similar flavor to porottas and are considerably thinner and more tasty. For the equivalent of 11, you may have three porottas. Traditional Omani Khubz (bread) is difficult to come by outside of an Omani household, yet it is an experience not to be missed. This traditional bread is prepared with flour, salt, and water and baked on a big metal plate over an open fire (or gas burner). The bread is crunchy and paper-thin. It goes well with virtually any Omani dish, including hot milk or chai (tea) for breakfast, and is known as “Omani cornflakes.”

Ayla curry, Ayla fried, and Payarupperi make a delicious meal in Sohar. Expect to spend just OMR0.4 (44), which is a relatively cheap lunch fare in this country.

Drinks in Oman

Mineral (bottled) water is readily accessible at most shops. Although tap water is usually safe, most Omanis drink bottled water, and you should as well.

As part of their duty-free luggage limit, international travelers are permitted to bring 2 litres of spirits. Spirits may be purchased in the duty-free store in the arrival lounge.

Even foreigners are banned from consuming anything in public during Ramadan (from dawn to dusk). Drink only in the privacy of your own room.

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