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Destinations in North Korea

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Regions in North Korea

Donghae Coast (North Hamgyong, South Hamgyong, Kangwon, Kŭmgang-san)

Baekdu Mountains(Ryanggang, Chagang)

Pyongan(North P’yongan, South P’yongan, Pyonyang, Shinuiju)

Hwanghae(North Hwanghae, South Hwanghae, Kaesong)

Cities in North Korea

  • Pyongyang was the capital of Goguryeo during the Three Kingdoms era.
  • Chongjin is a North East industrial city that is seldom visited by visitors.
  • Hamhung – a northern city where official travel is uncommon. itinaries
  • Former capital of the Goryeo dynasty, Kaesong
  • Nampho is a port and industrial center on the western coast of the country.
  • Rason – A free trade zone featuring a casino on the Russian border.
  • Sinuiju is a desolate industrial city near the Chinese border. From the outside, this is perhaps the simplest method to get a glimpse of the nation.
  • Wonsan — An east coast port city that is progressively opening to visitors, as well as the country’s first ski resort

Other destinations in North Korea

Kumgangsan – the beautiful Diamond Mountains, which may be reached by excursions from the south.

Myohyangsan — the Mysterious Fragrant Mountain — is one of the finest trekking destinations in the North.

The legendary birthplace of the Kim dynasty is the Baekdu Mountains, Korea’s highest peak.

Panmunjom is the final Cold War outpost in the DMZ between South and North Korea.