Saturday, September 18, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Nepal

AsiaNepalLanguage & Phrasebook in Nepal

The language variety of modern-day Nepal is equal to its biological and cultural richness. Nepal has an unusually high number of surviving languages for a nation with such a limited geographical mass, many of which are relics of the old Asiatic cultural fusion in the area. In one nation, Nepal boasts more different and unique languages than the whole European community.

Nepal’s official language is Nepali. It’s linked to Hindi, Punjabi, and other Indo-Aryan languages, and it’s written in the Devanagari script (like Hindi), which comes from the Sanskrit language. While most Nepalis speak some Nepali, a significant portion of the population speaks a language other than Nepali as their mother tongue, such as Tharu in Chitwan, Newari in Kathmandu, and Sherpa in the Everest region.

Despite the fact that Nepal was never a British colony, English is widely spoken among educated Nepalis. Even if you just know a few words of Nepali, it’s enjoyable and helpful to learn a few phrases, particularly outside of the tourist area and when trekking (porters often speak very little English and the inquisitive children in the tea houses are delighted to hear a few words of Nepali from their house guests). Nepali has to be one of the simplest Asian languages to learn, and the tourist who makes the effort is unlikely to make worse mistakes than many locals who speak a different first language. Locals are also willing to assist you in improving your language abilities.

A startlingly high number of Nepalese mother languages are critically endangered, and within a generation, they will most likely be relegated to symbolic identification markers.