Friday, September 10, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Myanmar

AsiaMyanmarLanguage & Phrasebook in Myanmar

Myanmar’s official language is Burmese (known as Myanmar). The majority of Burman’s pronunciation is derived from the ancient Pali language (during Buddha’s time), but the language is Chinese-Tibetan linked to Chinese and therefore tonal (the tone of the word counts) and analytical (most words are a long syllable). It is written in the Burmese script, which is based on the ancient Pali script. Most tourist sites have bilingual signage (English and Burmese). Burmese script is often used to write the figures.

Many other ethnic groups in Myanmar, such as the Mon, Shan, Pa-O, and others, continue to speak their own language. There is also a sizable ethnic Chinese population of Yunnan descent in Mandalay, the most of whom speak Mandarin. Some areas also include a large number of Aboriginal populations that continue to speak a variety of Indian languages. Locals who do not speak Burmese are uncommon, with the exception of the elderly.

Myanmar is a former British colony, and since English is still taught in kindergartens and elementary schools, many Burmese people comprehend basic English. The majority of well-educated middle-class Burmese speak English well, and many individuals in big cities like Yangon and Mandalay know English well enough for basic conversation. Hotel and airline personnel, as well as individuals working in the tourist sector, usually speak English at an adequate level. More English is spoken in Myanmar than in Thailand.