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Internet & Communications in Myanmar

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+95 country code 00 is the international dialing prefix.

Phone numbers in Myanmar are in the pattern +95 1 234-5678, where “95” is the Myanmar country code, the following two, three, or four digits are the area code, and the last six, seven, or eight digits are the “local” portion of the subscriber number.

International phone calls may be made at the Central Telephone and Telegraph Office in Yangon, which is located on the intersection of Ponsodan and Mahabandoola streets. Direct international calls are also available from most hotels and many public call centers (typically a telephone in a shop), but are costly, for example, a call to the United States. It costs about USD6-7 per minute.

The Myanmar government’s postal and telecommunications department operates the MPTGSM mobile phone network. This operates in the GSM900 frequency range, making it visible to multiband GSM phones. Roaming is possible on MPT’s GSM 900 network, subject to operator agreements; check with your operator before departing to be sure. Unfortunately, MPT only has international roaming agreements with a few carriers in a few countries and territories. If your phone can identify the GSM MPT network, you may purchase a USD20 SIM card that will operate for 28 days.

Telenor and Ooredoo, two multinational firms, joined the market in October 2014. Sim cards are inexpensive and readily accessible (1500 kyat for a Telenor Sim). However, connection may still be restricted to metropolitan areas, particularly Yangon and Mandalay. Telenor seems to have a stronger connection and intends to further enhance its networks in the next years. Although MPT provides the most comprehensive coverage, it is also the most costly.


Despite what some hotels claim, international mail from Myanmar is very efficient, according to studies. There is always a danger when sending valuables as regular parcels, just as there is anywhere else. Use EMS to send overseas shipments quickly and affordably.


The Internet is currently inexpensive in Yangon, Mandalay, and Bagan, but it is more restricted in other areas. However, access may be sluggish, despite the fact that it is now unrestricted. Rates in Yangon range between 300 and 1,000 kyat per hour, whereas rates in other cities range between 1,000 and 3,000 kyat per hour. Although it is uncommon, some hotels provide free internet connection.

Webmail: Up until recently, most free webmail services were banned; however, websites are no longer restricted as of 2015. MPT and Bagan are Myanmar’s two ISPs. Proxy sites are not banned either. Mobile data services are now accessible as of 2011. As of October 2014, 3G service was available in many areas of Yangon and Mandalay. SIM cards cost USD 1.50 and are accessible to tourists who have a passport. MegaByte’s MMK6 offers absurdly low-cost mobile Internet.