Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel To Myanmar

AsiaMyanmarHow To Travel To Myanmar

By plane

Myanmar’s major international airport is in Yangon, the country’s biggest city and commercial hub. Yangon has regular flights to a number of important cities in China, India, and Southeast Asia. Because of its Burmese population, the simplest way to get to Myanmar is to fly from Singapore or Bangkok, both of which are well-served by global cities, and which provide daily flights to Yangon. overseas.

Mandalay, Myanmar’s second international airport, serves numerous flights from China and Thailand.

By land

Myanmar has land borders with five countries: China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Laos. As of 2013, limitations on foreigners crossing Thailand’s border have been removed, and visitors are allowed to travel by land from Thailand to the center of Burma, as long as their Myanmar visa is valid. Entering Myanmar from other land border crossing locations, on the other hand, is a different matter. At the very least, you must request for special permissions ahead of time, and you may be required to undergo a guided tour to get the permit.

  • Thailand – Myanmar and Thailand have four border crossings: Tachileik / Mae Sai, Myawaddy / Mae Sot, Ban Phunamron / Htee Kee, and Kawthoung / Ranong. Foreigners have been allowed to use the four border crossings since 2013, and there are no limitations for foreigners going to the heart of Burma from any of the four border crossings. However, there is no arrival visa available, so make sure your Thai (and, if required, Burmese) visas are up to date before doing this.
  • China – Foreigners may enter Myanmar via Ruili (Yunnan) in Lashio, but they must have a permission (in addition to a visa) and a guide. In January 2009, you should most likely take an organized trip, which will cost you CNY 1,450. In April 2009, it was difficult for foreigners, even for a day, to pass Ruili without a visa in Kunming, for example, for a tour group. Crossing in the other way is more difficult to arrange, and the specifics are unclear; nevertheless, it is feasible to travel from Mandalay to Kunming, and there is even a Chinese consulate in Mandalay that provides visas.
  • India – Moreh / Tamu is a land border crossing between India and Myanmar. Confirmed reports have come in from tourists who crossed into Myanmar from India (and vice versa) using their own transportation and pre-arranged visas. A permission is no longer needed to visit the Indian state of Manipur, but an MTT permit is required to enter or depart Tamu. This permit is available for USD 80-100 per person at MTT in Yangon (which will need you to hire a tour guide) or at other agencies (which will not). Most agencies need 20 business days to arrange the permission (though in some instances they can do it sooner), and they can mail it to the border so they don’t have to return to Yangon to pick it up.
  • Laos – The Myanmar-Laos friendship bridge links Shan State in Myanmar with Luang Namtha province in Laos.
  • Bangladesh – It is presently not feasible to cross the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh on your own.