Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Myanmar

AsiaMyanmarAccommodation & Hotels in Myanmar

While not as inexpensive as neighboring Thailand, Myanmar offers unexpectedly excellent lodging at affordable rates. Except for Yangon, accommodations with connected bathrooms are accessible for less than USD10, while communal facilities are available for USD3-6 in other locations. Almost all hotels with foreigner licenses have running water (although, in remote areas, availability may be restricted at certain times of the day). With a few exceptions, hotels are usually clean. The linens and blankets may be threadbare by the end of the budget, and the rooms may be inadequately ventilated. Some low-class hotels, particularly in Yangon and other major towns, specialize in cubicle rooms, which are tiny single rooms without windows that, although inexpensive and clean, are not suitable for the claustrophobic. The prices are shown as single / double, although the rooms are usually the same whether one or two people stay in the room, making excellent hotels a great value if traveling as a pair. Except at the most opulent hotels, breakfast is always included in the room rate.

Unfortunately, Myanmar’s recent tourist boom has left its infrastructure straining to keep up with the increased number of visitors. Hotel rooms sell quickly, and those in major tourist locations are sometimes booked months in advance. Prices have risen significantly in recent years as a consequence of a shortage of supply. It goes without saying that you should book your accommodation ahead of time for your vacation to Myanmar so that you are not stuck when you arrive.

Myanmar struggles to provide adequate power to its population, and energy supplies are severely limited across the country. In many locations, power may be accessible just for a few hours each night or, in other instances, only as an alternate every night. If you don’t want to sleep without a fan or air conditioning, inquire if the hotel has a generator (most mid-priced hotels do). The air conditioning in your accommodation may not operate on generator evenings (the price is generally lower too). Even if a hotel has a generator, there is no assurance that it will be utilized to supply power when you need it, so expect blackouts at any time of day or night. The major tourist hotels in Yangon and Mandalay offer almost continuous electricity supply, but may cost between USD80 and $300 per night.

Myanmar offers good hotels at the high end, including one or two exceptional hotels (The Strand in Yangon and Kandawgyi Palace Hotel in Yangon). The Myanmar government manages a number of hotels, including those that date back to the colonial period (although not the two mentioned in the previous sentence). No matter where you stay, a portion of all lodging fees go to the government, and it is impossible to run a successful company in Myanmar without a connection or payment arrangement with the military.