Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Do in Mongolia

AsiaMongoliaThings To Do in Mongolia

Spend the night with a nomadic family, learn about their lifestyle, and share a dinner with them. They provide a true Mongolian experience. This is the most memorable aspect of any vacation, whether you travel just outside of the city or fly to the remote reaches of the nation. Depending on the tribal group, there are various differences in the experience.

The country is crossed by the Trans-Siberian Railway. Follow Marco Polo’s footsteps through Europe and Asia to Mongolia, where you may see Karakorum, the Mongol Empire’s historic capital.

Mongolia is the world’s least densely inhabited nation, with minimal growth outside of the capital and a handful of tiny towns. In many cases, there are no highways linking these communities. Mongolia’s clean setting means that adventurers will find plenty of open places to enjoy the outdoors. Tourists and adventurers alike travel through this huge region by vehicle, motorbike, bike, horse, camel, or foot. Typically, this entails camping by a river’s edge, traveling with a nomadic family, or staying in tiny wayside motels in provincial towns. There is excellent fishing along the route or on one of the numerous natural rivers and nature parks, especially fly fishing in the summer. Climbing the western highlands is popular, as is shooting the animals, flowers, and the many species that live or migrate through Mongolia.

Winter Activities

  • In Western Mongolia, join Kazakh eagle hunters on a hunt. The Kazakhs of western Mongolia employ eagles to hunt for foxes and hares, which are easier to spot against the snow, during the harsh winter months. Most people are put off by the freezing weather and the lengthy days spent riding Mongolian horses. Seeing an eagle released from a man’s forearm swoop down and kill a fox from a mile away is a memorable experience for those who do.
  • Outside of Ulaanbaatar and Western Mongolia, skiing From October until early May, it snows. Outside of Ulaanbaatar, there is one ski resort with a ski lift, equipment rentals, instructors, and all the other amenities of a ski resort. Although the lift is sluggish and the courses are challenging, it provides enjoyable amusement for visitors to UB during the long, harsh winter months. Western Mongolia’s many major mountain ranges provide excellent back-country skiing for the more daring. The months of April and May get the most snow and provide the greatest skiing conditions. Consider attending a tour or bringing all of your own gear. In the surrounding settlements, there are no ski stores.