Saturday, September 18, 2021

Internet & Communications in Mongolia

AsiaMongoliaInternet & Communications in Mongolia

In the capital, there are many Internet cafés and nicer restaurants with Wi-Fi. Because the postal service is sluggish, most individuals use a PO Box to receive mail. It is possible to purchase phone cards that can be used to make low-cost international calls from domestic phones, although not all phones are capable of doing so. (MiCom or MobiCom cards are available upon request.) Cell phone providers serve a wide range of communities in the countryside. All village or Soum Centers are covered by Mobicom, Unitel, and GMobile. Internet cafés are increasingly common in Aimag Centers (Province Capitals), with one in every Aimag Post Office and numerous smaller cafés. Some Soums (villages) have internet access, although it is limited, sluggish, and prone to frequent outages.

Use one of the numerous entrepreneurs with cellular cellphones on the street corners to make local calls in Ulaanbaatar. Expect to spend anything between MNT150 and MNT200 each minute.