Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Mongolia

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In Ulaanbaatar, there is some western-style lodging, although it is at western rates. There are a few excellent guest houses in UB for less than USD10 a night (as low as MNT3,000 if you’re willing to share a room), but they’re busy and difficult to get into during the tourist season.

The majority of the hotels in the area are run-down Soviet-era relics. Tourist gers, which have been put up by different enterprising residents, are a better choice. A night’s stay in one of them costs about 5000 tugrik per person. Breakfast and supper are often included. The traditional gift-giving traditions may be avoided while staying in one of these guest gers.

Last but not least, there are ger-camps. They are mostly run by tour organizations, although they do rent out space to individual travelers on occasion. Unfortunately, they are both costly (USD35 per person per night with three meals) and inconvenient.

Except for the cities and bigger villages, all land is held by the government. This means you can set up your tent almost anywhere. Maintaining a safe distance from existing nomad encampments is a matter of courtesy. You shouldn’t pitch a tent in the center of or too near to a road, according to common sense.

There are more than 300 hotels in Mongolia nowadays, ranging from 1 to 5 stars according to international standards. The tourism service is provided by hotels with three or more stars. In order to operate, 3–5 star holders must acquire specific authorization. The Ministry, travel industry organizations, and tourism researchers form a “accommodation grading committee” to classify lodgings according to Mongolian standards.