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Internet & Communications in Malaysia

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Internet in Malaysia

Internet connectivity in Malaysia is readily available in most cities and towns. It was one of the first countries in the world to offer 4G connectivity. Broadband internet is available in most hotels, internet cafes and some restaurants. Wi-Fi is usually available in hotspots in almost all restaurants, fast food outlets and shopping centres. Prepaid internet cards for access to wireless broadband are also available in some cafés.

Customers usually pay RM1-5 per hour for internet services in cybercafes (depending on which city you are in). Internet connections offered at restaurants and cafes are usually free, and more and more eateries are offering this. These include all Starbucks and Coffeebean, some McDonald’s and Subway, and an increasing number of smaller venues.

Telephone numbers in Malaysia

The country code for Malaysia is +60.

Fixed network connections

Malaysian landline telephone numbers are either seven or eight digits. The country is also divided into areas that have been assigned two- or three-digit area codes that must be dialled when calling from outside the area. The area codes are:

  • 03 – Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Selangor (all are Klang Valley), Pahang (Genting Highlands only)
  • 04 – Kedah, Penang, Perlis
  • 05 – Perak, Pahang (Cameron Highlands only)
  • 06 – Malacca, Johor (Muar district only), Negeri Sembilan
  • 07 – Johor (all districts except Muar)
  • 082 – Sarawak (Kuching and Samarahan Districts)
  • 083 – Sarawak (Sri Aman and Betong Districts)
  • 084 – Sarawak (Sarikei, Sibu and Western Cape Districts)
  • 085 – Sarawak (Miri and Limbang Districts)
  • 086 – Sarawak (Bintulu and Belaga Districts)
  • 087 – Sabah (Inner Division), Labuan
  • 088 – Sabah (West Coast and Kudat Division)
  • 089 – Sabah (Sandakan and Tawau Division)
  • 09 – Kelantan, Pahang (all districts except Genting Highlands), Terengganu

The area code 02 has been assigned for calls from Malaysia to Singapore. This means that it is not necessary to dial the Singapore country code 65 when calling from Malaysia. For International Direct Dialing (IDD) calls from landlines to all other countries, the prefix 00 followed by the country code should be used.

How to call a Malaysian number:

  • From abroad except Singapore, dial the international access code, the country code for Malaysia, the area code without the “0” and then the phone number.
  • From Singapore, dial 02, the area code with the “0” and then the phone number.
  • From outside the local area, dial the full area code followed by the telephone number. There are no exceptions to this rule, except when using a mobile phone.
  • From the local area, simply dial the number without the area code.

Mobile phones

Malaysia also has four mobile phone operators, Maxis , DiGi , Celcom and U Mobile, which use the prefixes 012, 013, 014, 016, 017, 018, 019. Network connectivity in Malaysia is excellent. Mobile number portability has been introduced in Malaysia, which means that an area code such as 012, which traditionally belonged to Maxis, can now be a DiGi subscriber. Mobile networks use GSM 900 and 1800 systems. 3G (WCDMA), EDGE & HSPDA networks are available in major cities. International roaming on these networks is possible if your operator allows it.

How to call a Malaysian mobile number:

  • From abroad, dial the international access code, the country code for Malaysia, the mobile operator code without the “0” and then the phone number.
  • From Malaysia, dial the provider’s area code with the “0” and then the phone number.
  • From mobile phone to mobile phone within Malaysia, dial the provider’s area code with the “0” and then the phone number. Although you can omit the provider code if the two phones have the same provider, you will still get through if the provider code is dialled.

To call another country from Malaysia:

  • From a landline, dial the international access code “00” followed by the country code and the phone number. For example, if you want to call the US from Malaysia, dial 001 followed by the US area code and the phone number. On the Maxis network, benefit from 50% IDD rates via IDD132, which does not require registration, just dial “132” before the “00”.
  • From a mobile phone in the same way as from a landline phone (see above). An alternative and simpler procedure on many mobile phones is to hold down the zero key to enter a “+” (plus sign) before the country code and the phone number. The “+” stands (in each country) for the corresponding international dialling code. On the Maxis network, you can use the 50% IDD rates via IDD132, which does not require registration. Simply dial “132” before the “00” and note that you do not use the “+” symbol with this method.

Postal services in Malaysia

Many international courier services such as Fedex, DHL and UPS are available in the cities, but the main postal service provider is Pos Malaysia, which offers reliable postal services to most countries in the world.

Postal rates in Malaysia are cheap. Much cheaper than Thailand, Singapore or Vietnam, and surface mail is also available. In addition, the post is reliable and trustworthy. When posting an item, do not seal the box. This is to allow inspection in case illegal items are sent this way.

A local alternative to the international courier services mentioned above is Pos Laju, which offers an equally reliable service, but at a fraction of the cost!

You can put non-urgent letters and postcards in the letterboxes in the post offices or in the red letterboxes in front of the post offices and on the main roads. If there are two slots in a letterbox, use the one that says “lain lain” for international mail.

Post offices are open M-Sa 08:00-17:00, except public holidays, with some in the Klang Valley staying open until 22:00. In the states of Kedah, Kelantan, Johor and Terengganu, they are closed on Fridays and public holidays.