Saturday, September 18, 2021

Traditions & Customs in Lebanon

AsiaLebanonTraditions & Customs in Lebanon

Because Lebanon is a nation with many distinct religious groups, it is prudent to respect the religious diversity among the Lebanese people. When visiting religious places (churches, mosques, etc.) as well as rural towns and villages, modest attire is advised.

Even in Beirut, certain neighborhoods are more conservative than others, so tourists should keep this in mind while seeing the city. Overall, though, ‘western’ apparel is usually acceptable, so keep your attire modest to hedge your risks. However, keep in mind that, as open and western as Beirut is, this is not Europe; going “topless” on any beach, private or public, is not advised.

Women are advised to dress modestly in Tripoli, particularly in the ancient city. The same may be said for the majority of the country’s traditional “souks.” In general, Lebanese are used to a variety of lifestyles, and some take offense quickly, particularly when it comes to issues of clothing. Although not all Lebanese are open-minded, the Lebanese are used to variety and are therefore easier to embrace other lifestyles.

Due to political sensitivities, including the war with Israel and the crisis with Syria, visitors should avoid discussing politics, particularly in relation to these two nations.