Saturday, September 18, 2021

Money & Shopping in Lebanon

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The Lebanese pound, abbreviated “LBP,” or the “Lebanese Lira,” abbreviated “LL,” is the most often used acronym. With a value of about LL1,500 to US$1, its value is maintained constant in relation to the US dollar. Almost everything accepts either Lebanese pounds or US dollars, and it’s normal to pay in dollars but get change in pounds (in which case, make sure you don’t get short-changed).

LL1000, LL5000, LL10,000, LL20,000, LL50,000, and LL100,000 are the bills used. p.s. There are two types of LL1000, both of which are acceptable.

The bills LL1, LL5, LL10, LL25, LL50, LL100, LL250, and LL500 were not utilized.

There are two types of coins: LL250 and LL500. The LL25, LL50, and LL100 coins are seldom used.

Money transfer

Western Union is a service that allows you to send and receive money from and to Lebanon. For additional information on locations that provide money transfers, call BOB Finance – Bank of Beirut Group at +961-5-955262 from outside Lebanon or +961-5-955262 within Lebanon.